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Healthy Vegan Trip to LA and Disneyland 2013

I recently took a 5-day vacation to southern California with my son, William and his Dad, Damon.  Damon and I separated in the fall of 2012, but decided to take this trip together so we could take William to Disneyland for the first time.  We both love William so much and wanted him to have a fun trip together with the two of us. We decided to make it a road trip and enjoy eating at several wonderful vegan restaurants along the way.  Southern California has lots to offer in the way of plant-based Read more […]

William at Cool Greens in Oklahoma City enjoying his hummus pizza topped with lots of fresh vegetables

Eating a Healthy Vegan Diet While Traveling

The Healthy Family Road Trip How Easy it is to Enjoy Eating a Whole Foods Plant-Based Diet While Traveling with Your Spouse and Kids I often hear from people who don’t eat a plant-based diet or who are new to the plant-based or vegan lifestyle that while it might be doable to eat a healthy diet at home, it’s either difficult to do so while traveling or that they just don’t know how to do it while away from home. Traveling with kids seems to make a healthy plant-centric diet nearly unimaginable Read more […]

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