Fantastic Natural Vegan Haircare Products

I love this Onesta Super Conditioner.  I’m always looking for really high-quality hair care products that are super moisturizing without making my hair feel greasy or heavy.  This Super Conditioner is awesome.  I color my hair every month and blow dry it ever day, so I need a heavy duty conditioner that makes my hair feel soft and silky, however, I also want it to be cruelty-free.

I don’t want the products I use to be tested on animals and I don’t want them to contain animal ingredients.  Who would knowingly want to use any products that had been tested by being rubbed in bunnies eyeballs and contain cow fat as an ingredient?  Aaah!  No thanks!

Onesta products meets my requirements and more.  They are natural, plant-based and do not contain harmful ingredients like sodium lauryl sulfate/sodium laureth sulfate, parabens, propylene glycol, synthetic colors, dyes and more.  I’m a pretty picky customer.  I want performance to help me look gorgeous paired with environmental responsibility and compassion.  So far, Onesta products are the best I have found.  Try Onesta for yourself!

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