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Chocolate Candy Balls approved by Dr Greger

Chocolate Candy Balls (Forbidden Chocolate Coconut Truffles) – Dr. Greger Approved!

I am honored and delighted that one of my recipes has just received Dr. Greger’s stamp of approval!  This is part of a new project being launched in the next few months at Chocolate Candy Balls (Forbidden Chocolate Coconut Truffles) Grown-ups call these truffles, but in my experience, that doesn’t sound great to kids.  Chocolate Candy Balls sounds like more fun.  These truffles are rich and chocolatey, yet are virtually fat-free and are made entirely from Read more […]


Save Water, Eat Plants! How Eating Vegan Can Help the Environment

47% of California’s water footprint is associated with the production of meat and dairy and only 4% is associated with direct household water consumption, yet information about the link between our diet and water has not yet been recommended by the state or federal government. There is consensus among leading scientists and health and environmental organizations, including NASA, the United Nations, Oxfam, UNESCO, Water Footprint Network, Center for Science in the Public Interest and the US Environmental Read more […]

FotorCreated Emily & Brian by Capital

Update on My Husband Brian’s Treatment for Colorectal Cancer and How to Reduce Your and Your Family’s Risk of Colorectal Cancer

  Dear Friends, This post is to let you know the latest on my husband’s treatment for his rectal cancer.  It is my hope in sharing just some of the details of our journey that even a few people might find comfort and know that they are not alone if they are going through a similar situation. It is also our hope that we might reach others with ways to reduce the risk of colorectal cancer and improve survival once diagnosed, so that others might not have to face what Brian has had to Read more […]

Emily + Brian Engagement  by Alicia Gines Photography (2)

My Husband, Brian’s Decision for Treatment of his Colorectal Cancer

Dear Friends, Many of you have been inquiring about Brian’s health and what we have decided to do about his cancer, so I thought I’d share the latest here.  Everyone who is diagnosed with cancer has their own decisions to make regarding his or her individual treatment plan, but my hope in sharing our story, is simply to provide ideas for anyone going through a similar situation. Brian was diagnosed with rectal cancer after several months of IBS-like symptoms and blood in his stool Read more […]

Current Global Food Production Trajectory Won’t Meet 2050 Needs

Crop yields worldwide are not increasing quickly enough to support estimated global needs in 2050, according to a study published June 19th, 2013 in the open access journal PLOS ONE by research associate Deepak Ray and colleagues from the Institute on the Environment (IonE) at the University of Minnesota. Researchers note that in addition to increasing crop yields, additional strategies such as reducing food waste and changing to plant-based diets, can also help reduce the large estimates for Read more […]


Healthy Vegan Trip to LA and Disneyland 2013

I recently took a 5-day vacation to southern California with my son, William and his Dad, Damon.  Damon and I separated in the fall of 2012, but decided to take this trip together so we could take William to Disneyland for the first time.  We both love William so much and wanted him to have a fun trip together with the two of us. We decided to make it a road trip and enjoy eating at several wonderful vegan restaurants along the way.  Southern California has lots to offer in the way of plant-based Read more […]

Crate of Vegetables

Kaiser Permanente Promotes a Plant-Based Diet

In Kaiser’s Spring 2013 Permanente Journal, Nutritional Update for Physicians: Plant-Based Diets, Philip J. Tuso, MD, Mohamed H. Ismail, MD, Benjamin P. Ha, MD and Carole Bartolotto, MA, RD advise, “Healthy eating may be best achieved with a plant-based diet, which we define as a regimen that encourages whole, plant-based foods and discourages meats, dairy products, and eggs as well as all refined and processed foods. We present a case study as an example of the potential health benefits of such Read more […]


The Secret Powers of Time

How the Secret Power of Time can Transform Your Health and Your Life Life is temptation.  We are continually seduced, pressured and influenced in all facets of life.  New research by famed social psychologist, Philip Zimbardo, PhD tells us that our perspective on time is perhaps the most important influence on how we resist or fail to resist temptation.   In the famous Marshmallow Experiment conducted by Dr. Zimbardo’s colleague, Walter Mischel, PhD, children were offered one Read more […]

William enjoying vegan pizza and cake at Chuck E. Cheese's

How to Eat a Vegan Meal at Chuck E. Cheese’s

My son was recently invited to his friend’s 6th birthday party at Chuck E. Cheese’s.  He was quite excited, as this was one of his best friend’s parties and we never go to Chuck E. Cheese.  This proved a bit of a challenge from a dietary standpoint.  Naturally, all the kids would be eating pizza and cake and I certainly didn’t want my son to feel left out.  I wanted him to enjoy the fun with the other kids.  He is well aware of why we eat a healthy vegan diet – for our health, the animals Read more […]


The Valentine’s Day Meal as an Expression of Love

Throughout the history of humanity, people have prepared food on special occasions for friends, family and romantic partners as an expression of love.  It has been this way for millennium.  However, if we consider the foods we use today to express this love, we would discover that most of us are inadvertently harming those we love most by cooking or providing our loved ones with foods that promote disease.  Consider a traditional Valentine’s dinner at an elegant restaurant – salad with blue Read more […]

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