In addition to her public cooking classes, Emily offers nutrition and cooking classes to small groups and individuals.  Emily is also available for in-home healthy eating consultations to help you makeover your kitchen to help you get started on your new path to health.

Cooking Instruction

Emily provides purely plant-based cooking instruction to individuals and small groups.  Emily specializes in cooking for health and weight-loss and loves working with families with kids.

Specialties include cooking for weight-loss, cancer, heart disease, diabetes and allergies.  Emily is knowledgeable about a wide range of health supportive whole food plant-based cuisine including raw food, macrobiotics, The McDougall Diet, Eat to Live/Eat for Health and others.

Groups Emily enjoys working with include corporate wellness groups, preschools and PTAs, seniors, cancer centers, hospitals and more.

In-Home, Healthy Eating Consultation

Emily offers customized visits to your home kitchen. She will revamp your pantry with healthy products and show you how to make healthier purchases to benefit you and your family. She will also go with you to the market to help you become comfortable choosing the best tasting, healthiest products. Emily specializes in nutrition for new mothers and families and cooking to heal you through food.

Please email Emily at for a quote for your special project or request.

Sex is good, but not as good as fresh, sweet corn.  -Garrison Keillor